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Oak Dragon camps can be seen to be a week of ceremonies, and the magic that unfolds during
the week is contained, protected and strengthened by the ceremonies we create together.


Indeed, the whole 10 day camp could be seen as a ceremony and participants are encouraged to
step over a threshold on arriving at the field, and enter a sacred space in which personal growth
and transformation are possible, alongside deep rest and connection with nature and the magic,
mystery and mythology of these lands


opening & closing ceremonies

These ceremonies provide the container for our work together on the field, marking the beginning
and the end of our “time out of time”. The form ceremony takes place will depend on who is leading it, as we take a very inclusive approach to ceremony at Oak Dragon. Typically though, we will thank and ask for protection and guidance from the Spirits of the directions and of the land.

beating the bounds

We will walk the boundaries of the camp and call in energetic containment and protection for our time together. We will honor the land and all the beings, trees and plants with whom we share our space on the field.

beating the bounds.jpg
rainbow labyrinth.jpg

rites of passage

If there is a need within the community, we will create a Rite of Passage for a life transition such as coming of age, a handfasting, a memorial or a croning ceremony. If you feel drawn to have a rite of passage at the camp, please get in touch with us so we can see if we can facilitate this.


talking stick circle

Oak Dragon has been sitting in circles with the talking stick since the early days of camps in the 1980s. Sharing in circle and using the practice of the talking stick have been our way of sharing and listening from the heart, deepening our connection with each other and resolving issues and conflicts. Using the talking stick remains a central part of each camp, whether it be a short sharing at a morning meeting or a longer, dedicated session as the week unfolds.

2017 camp (8).JPG


An Oak Dragon summer camp might include a sweat lodge ceremony, a healing lodge or a medicine walk ceremony as one of the offerings. This varies from year to year with the focalisers vision.

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