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rhythm of the day

A typical morning might include an early morning meditation, a walk in the labyrinth and the
Dance of Life. Some people choose to have a slower start, but we all gather in circle at around 9.30 a.m. every morning to check in with each
other and hear about the rhythm of the day ahead.

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Dance of life

For many years we have had the tradition of gathering, before breakfast, around the central fire to practice the Dance of Life, a teaching given to Oak Dragoners many years ago by Sun Bear, an indigenous American Indian medicine chief of Chippewa descent. This dance honors the seven directions and is a beautiful way to awaken a deeper connection with nature.


workshops & creativity

Craft and creativity are always part of the programme for an Oak Dragon camp, whether individual crafts, such as spoon carving, watercolour painting, clay sculpture and felting, or larger scale communal work such as dragon making, bread oven building or creating a puppet show. Invited teachers, or those within our own community might lead a workshop on subjects such as Earth Energy, Plant Spirit Medicine, Labyrinths or Creative Writing.

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Children's activities

There are a multitude of activities that children can take part in at camp, for more information about all things children-centered, please click here to access the family page. If we are expecting a larger number of children to attend the camp in a particular year, we may also have a children's area facilitator to help support activities.

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wellbeing area

Some camps will have a dedicated well-being area or co-ordinator, others may have a healing lodge or medicine journeys, but whatever the vision of the current focaliser, healing, support and care have always been integral to the process of an Oak Dragon camp. Whether formal or informal, you will find people who can support your process if difficulties or challenges arise and many people in the community have healing gifts to share. Sitting in council can be a very powerful way to integrate experiences and go deeper into an inner exploration, within a confidential and mutually supportive healing circle. Some people may come to camp in need of deep rest and re-charge or re-calibration. Although camp is not a retreat as such, many find they leave camp after 10 days with their life energy very much restored, priorities in balance and a renewed sense of personal agency and life purpose.

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